Company overview

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is a nanotech startup company founded at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. We are a developer and manufacturer of Quantum Dots for optoelectronic applications: for LCD Displays, Light Emitting Diodes, Solar Cells and Photodetectors. Our interdisciplinary team consists of specialist from scientific, R&D and business experience in the fields of nanochemistry and nanomaterials.

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is interested in partnerships for industrial products development. Contact us for more details:

We also offer various types of quantum dots and other advanced materials for scientific use to help the research community to explore potential applications of these materials.

Our Technology

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is an expert manufacturer of Quantum Dots and other advanced materials. Our technology is based on intensive research at KAUST with extensive IP portfolio. Our innovative Flow Reactor technology allows us to produce high quality products in large scales and better price.

Our high standards of quality control help us to sustain the premium quality of Quantum Dots. Quality control is provided by the modern equipment:

Custom Orders

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