Backlighting System

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Perovskite Quantum Dots
Emit light in the entire visible spectral region from 450 to 630 nm

Zero-Dimensional Perovskite
Emits green light at 516 nm

CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots
Emit light in the entire visible spectral region from 450 to 630 nm

Quantum Dot Backlight System Benefits

The QD backlighting system is an emerging technology for LCD and lighting devices. It is the QD polymer film or QD coating that converts wavelength of incoming lights. For example in the LCD backlight the part of blue light from conventional LED is converted into pure green and red colors. Then RGB lights go to the LCD matrix and produce a display image. Such QD backlight system brings a wide color gamut, more bright and contrast images. Also it decreases energy consumption significantly. Nowadays, many TV makers adopted this technology, such as Sony, Samsung and LG.

QD Backlight System Fabrication

QD backlight system can be fabricated as follows. Colloidal Quantum Dots are mixed with polymer solution. The polymer can be PMMA, polyurethane, etc. Then Quantum Dot polymer film is prepared on a suitable substrate. The final Quantum Dot film is used with blue or UV LED to make a backlighting system.

Related Articles

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